My new book

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I am happy to announce the  publication of my new book, a novel, Animals All


It is available, in paperback, under my nom de plume, Ben Alba, from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers. It also is now available as an ebook for Kindle, Nook and other readers.

Both formats are obtainable directly from the publisher at this link.

Venturing into fiction is a wholly new departure for me, but I have been encouraged by so many great story-tellers in my past who with fun, adventure, and suspense, are able to treat of major issues of the human spirit. It is my hope my novels, of which this will be the first, will do the same.

About Animals All

Cameras are everywhere; the battlefield, the wedding reception, inside a heart, and now alas, peeping in windows. What if all cameras carried weapons? 

The world is full of ordinary people. They do things. Some of these things are horrible. Many are magnificent. All tell a story.

The story in this novel is of lust, love, mystery, technology, murder, and the threat of social chaos. Animals All is a book about intrigue and mystery; unseen dangers, the hidden and the masked threats to stable life. It is a story of human nature; of ordinary people, like people who buy books; of people who can either sink into the depths beyond failure or soar above their limits to do great things.

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